Yesterday was my birthday. We had my parents and my brother over for the night. We played the game "Loaded Questions". We´ve played the game before and it is so funny. It has to be the most gut-busting game I have ever played. It is so much fun. You go around the board and the roller reads a question. Everybody answers the question for themselves and the roller has to guess who said what. Some of the highlights of the night:
1) My mom´s turn. The question is "Give one word that describes God." Everyone passes their answers to me and the one from my dad says "ASAM". You have to be careful and not pause or have difficulty with reading any of the answers because that would help the roller (he/she will know it´s not your answer if you can´t read it). I didn´t know what to do because I had no idea what "ASAM" was. I showed my brother and girlfriend, and they had no idea what the word was either. My Dad is from Croatia and his spelling is awful. My mom said "Say it in Croatian". My Dad said, "There´s no word in Croatian for this." My brother replied, "There´s no word in English for it!" I thought about it it a second and then it came to me - "awesome!" It was so funny that he spelled "awesome" "ASAM".
2) The question is "Out of 50 people in your age range, how many are happier than you?" It was my mom´s turn and the answers were 4, 5, 10 and 20. My mother couldn´t believe it. "Why are you people so miserable?" I said, "Those are low numbers. You don´t think there´s anyone that´s happier than you?" She replied, "No!" I said, "Well see, there´s one person right there that´s happier than each of us!"
3) The roller is my dad. The question is "What is your worst feature?" This is a different type of question where we have to answer what the roller will say. One of the answers was "My mother."
4) Question is "What type of doctor do you dread visiting?" Some of the answers - Kervorkian, Frankenstein, Gynecologist (my brother answered ´gynecologist´ i.e. a man visiting a gynecologist WOULD be dreadful)

Submitted  7/17/2005 9:47:54 AM
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